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thanks These are a collection of Facebook, Twitter, Blog posts and email message from you guys. Thank you all for the encouraging messages. This is why we are uber happy to come in at dark-o-thirty to make fresh doughnuts! You guys rock.

"In the past two weeks, Natalie Mason has been to Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts three times. That is a lot of doughnuts, my friends, but well worth it. She'll tell you why...."

"Ok seriously the margarita donut is Ah-Mazing. I think you should make it all summer."

Lindi D. M.

"Suffice it to say these were a big hit at last night's "All Local Feast" at book club. YUM! Here's the link to our blog about the feast:

"why did it take me sooooo long to find you??? I am addicted!!"

Anita S.

"OMG please save me two caramel delights and an irish car bomb....I will be in at some point but will be so sad if those two flavors are gone. thanks :) one of your biggest fans Kelli"

Kelli S.

"I am obsessed. Maple Bacon. So glad that finally Charleston has a real Doughnut shop."

Antique Appraisals

"Strawberry Basil Lime changed my life! What a great combination."

Julie R.

"At the Doughnut Plant in Chelsea and can proudly say that Charleston's Glazed knocks these out of the park. You guys really are the best!"

Lindsay D.

"thx 4 today's selection, strawberry, sweet potato and lemon..all were great...!"

Jerry B.

"Would you consider opening one in Atlanta? Actually in Roswell or Alpharetta? The ONLY gourmet donut shop here is Dutch Monkey and they are NOTHING like yours!! I'm craving a sampler plate now!"

Sallie G.R.

"Should be on 'Best thing I ever ate'"

Lisa H.

"The wedding favors were fantastic, everyone there loved Glazed coming soon!"

Lane S.

"Best doughnuts ever !!!!"

Roy D.

"Just got back from Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts with Kam. Got 2 Maple Bacon doughnuts and 1 bacon apple fritter. I just tried the maple bacon, omg its heaven in my mouth. check out the pic I just took"

Brandon S.

"@glazedgourmet came by for the first time today, definitely the best doughnut ive ever had!"

Gracey W.

"I bet the Mexican Chocolate is great!! Sweet Potato? I'd have to try that one but I bet it rocks!"

Don D.

"Bought a dozen yesterday and they were all delicious! The Purple Goat was amazing!"

Suzanne P.

"Spoon Full Of Pearls blog: Just Looking!"


"Had a customer come in the store today RAVING about this "amazing new doughnut shop".... Way to go Glazed!! =)"

Kristi R.

"I have to say that the sweet potato doughnut that I bought from you this afternoon had to have been the most delicious doughnut I've ever tasted in my life. Super kudos to you! <3"

Price C. C.

"Just polished off 2 Charlestons. ho-lee smokes!"

Jodi C.

"So glad we finally made it in today. Your doughnuts are delicious! I loved the raspberry glazed and cinnamon sugar. Can't wait to come back with friends to share the doughy delights:)"

Lindsay D.

"The Maple Bacon and Raspberry are the real deal. Nicely done!"

Trudi W.

"Discovered this place yesterday... awesome!! Will be recommending/visiting again soon..."

Dave C.

"Bunny Burne Blog post: = 'I want to eat breakfast here every day.'"

Bunny Byrne (The World Is Mine) - Georgia

"@glazedgourmet we LOVED the raspberry and the goat cheese doughnuts!!! Never had one like those before! #chseats"

"Amazing night @scpourhouse! We hope to be back soon. @glazedgourmet are the best doughnuts in the world. Go there! @KevMoTbone"

Kevin M.

"@glazedgourmet doughnuts in Charleston, SC. If you're ever passing through, you must stop in!"

"@glazedgourmet Blog Review: Do You Know The Doughnut Girl?"

Christina O. (Hungry Meets Healthy)

"New Holy City Place of Worship: @glazedgourmet: #chs #chseats #chsfood"

"Just had a maple bacon donut from @glazedgourmet in #chs ~ I may be in love!"


"Salted caramel apple donut? Scrumptious! Strawberry and nutella fritter? HEAVEN!!!"


"I had pumpkin with dulche de leche and the raspberry glazed. Sooooo good. Can't wait to come back"


"Finally was able to stop by today - SO good. I loved the raspberry!"


"we went there last week! AH-mazing! the @glazedgourmet raspberry is delicious!"


A review from someone in the doughnut industry! BumbleChickFood blog

"Bumblechick Food"

"Hubby and I just got back from @glazedgourmet with the most delicious sugar high - the raspberry glazed and pumpkin donuts are killer!"

Elizabeth P.

"Krispy Kreme, It feels like I am cheating on you... @glazedgourmet = delicious!"

Ashley M.


"...grabbed some donuts (every flavor but pumpkin), intended to have them for breakfast tomorrow but ended up eating 8/14 donuts before we got to the car! Delicious! Hands down the best donuts we have ever had! ..."

Jena W. (Atl)

"@glazedgourmet Keep up the quality! Donut Plant sells out every day."

Tommy V.

"Just brought a box of @glazedgourmet doughnuts back to the office. The bacon/apple fritter went over like gangbusters. #chseats"

Erica C.

"I just tried one of the doughnuts (ricotta-filled with icing and pistachios) that [David] brought in to work."

Mark B.

"YUM! We tried some doughnuts from @glazedgourmet! They open tomorrow! #chseatsPhoto:"

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