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For Real.
All our food is made from scratch throughout the day. We do not use any pre-made mixes. We've had reps trying to convince us to switch over... and we sent them out the door - Sorry guys, No thanks!

We have no food coloring at the store and we plan on keeping it that way. Our jams, glazes and dough are prepared right here at the store.

3 Hour Tour.
It takes about 3 hours to prepare a batch of our doughnuts from start to finish. Our dough varies for most of our flavors. The Maple Bacon for example, has real bacon inside the dough. The Pumpkin dough is created from pumpkin and the Sweet Potato dough is made from mashed sweet potatoes.

The glazes are prepared in parallel. Our Chocolate Ganache, Maple Glaze, Regular Glaze, Raspberry or Toffee Glazes are all created from scratch.

Doughnut dough needs a lot of attention. Every stage in this process is time critical. This meticulous process keeps us busy all day. Our staff rolls in around 3am to open the doors at 7am!

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